19_04_2024 live performance for @00Lab, Cusano Mutri (Bn)

20_04_2024 live performance for @Cantiere San Bernando, Pisa

21_04_2024 live performance for Festival Aprile, Torino



Organica is an interactive piece commissioned by MOOLTI, an eco-art Festival for children based on sound, walk and art. 

The project was based on the idea of Deep Listening developed by Pauline Oliveros, combining the synergic properties between eyes and ears. 

The project was composed of two stages: on first day children’s were introduced to the concept of Deep Listening. Several platforms have been identified along a trail of historical and cultural interest. Participants were invited to pause and focus on listening to the different soundscapes that were crossed, and report the sounds and feelings that arose from ‘deep listening at each platform. On the second day, participants were leading actors in an audio video installation based on the touch of plants. The idea was to focus the children’ attention on the “listening” possibilities offered by the complex network mechanisms typical of organic systems. An arduino-based prototype made it possible, through special contact sensors, to decode the signal delta triggered by touching the surface of a plant, translate it and convert it into audio and video information.


10_08_2023 Hybrid live set for Persei di Suoni @San Giovanni A Piro (SA) 

31_04_2023 A|V live performance for Cospirare @exploit, Pisa 

12_07_2023 live sonification for Danzaria’ s contemporary dance choreography in Sapri (SA) 

21_04_2023 A|V live performance for Welcome to da Future @Forte Prenestino, Roma 

03_03_2023 A|V live performance for MAUL! @Castello Contemporaneo di Mola di Bari, Mola di Bari (BA) 

25_02_2023 A|V live performance with Boemia for Queers on Saturn @Caracol, Pisa 

22_12_2022 A|V live performance @Manatthan, Vitulazio (CE) 

02_12_2022 live performance with Boemia for Devianzine Fest @Cantiere San Bernardo, Pisa 

27_08_2022 A|V live performance for Future Space Detektion @Disco Babel, Berlin 

19_06_2022 live performance with Boemia for Kalakuta, SantaFeira Spin Off on Vesuvio